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First time baking bread and it was easy!

Date: Monday 13th August 2012

Hi all, this is Jen the gluten free blogger. I am not a baker but since I have been diagnosed and have been following a strict gluten free diet I have been trying to bake more (I would rather eat my attempted baking than feel ill). 

gluten free loaf 

Today's baking was for Glutafin's oven bread, but I opted for the bread with a twist! It is a 50/50 oven baked loaf recipe which means it is half white and half fibre bread! 



It means using the Glutafin Multipurpose white mix & Glutafin Multipurpose fibre mix.

gluten free banana cake

But I love these mixes. They make everything you want including battered fish with the Multipurpose white mix! If you haven't tried the Multipurpose fibre mix I would recommend getting it just for the banana bread, as this is so delicious and so easy to make! I bake it for when friends are coming round (ok and always for my breakfasts) as it also makes the house smell lovely. Here is the recipe for the gluten free banana bread! Go on try it!


Anyways, back to the 50/50 gluten free bread baking...


It is so easy! With gluten free bread you are generally dealing with a thick paste rather than a dough, so it is easier to make as gluten free bread is not kneaded like a wheat flour bread.

You literarily combine all the ingredients together in the order it says, then add it to a greased 2lb tin (I put baking parchment in mine!) Then leave it in a warm room for the batter to rise. Just make sure it doesn't rise above the bread tin or it will pour everywhere! I made mine rise in a plastic bag just above 2/3 of my 2lb loaf tin. 


On the recipe it states using another inverted tin but I didn't have another tin so I used the tips from the gluten free baking icon!


 gluten free tipsYou can place your loaf tin into a plastic bag larger than your tin (e.g. Use 4 cloths pegs clipped to each corner to keep the bag above the dough level during proving or into a plastic container large enough to allow the loaf to double in size without touching the top of the container. And put a little water into the container to keep the loaf moist during proving.



gluten free tips


Ensure the water you add to the bread mixture is not too hot as this can destroy the yeast and the bread will have limited rise.


As the bread bakes the smell is delicious! It says cook for 45 minutes but mine needed a little longer to ensure it was golden brown. 

This is the results....


gluten free 50/50 bread

Oh gosh this bread is lovely to the point where I couldn't stop tasting it with strawberry jam, even though it was 3pm. 


(PS. The mixes are suitable for coeliacs even though they contain wheat starch as I know some people get confused or panic when see the word wheat.)

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