Getting The Best From Gluten Free Pizza Bases

5 February 2024

Getting The Best From Gluten Free Pizza Bases

There’s nothing quite like a freshly cooked pizza, emerging from the oven packed with a crispy crust, bubbling cheese and all your favourite toppings sizzling away. There’s nothing like the stringy way that the cheese stretches up as you take a slice, or the huge willpower and patience that it takes to let it cool so you don’t burn your mouth. From the oven or from the takeaway box, pizza is not just a meal; it’s a whole experience. That’s why we love it so much.

As pizza bases are usually made from flour, you might think that your favourite Friday treat will be excluded from your gluten free diet. But the good news is that there are still lots of ways that you can enjoy a slice of that crispy, cheesy Italian goodness.

From ready-made gluten free pizza bases to bases you make at home, you’ll find loads of different options for gluten free pizza. Plus these days, you can buy gluten free options from the freezer in the supermarkets and even for as a takeaway or in a restaurant.

Homemade pizza

If you live in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, you may be able to get Glutafin’s gluten free pizza bases as part of your prescription. Our two pack of 9” gluten free pizza bases count as one unit towards your allowance, which will vary based on your age, gender and location, as well as local prescribing policies.

If you don’t qualify for gluten free pizza bases on prescription, you can always have a go at making your own using Glutafin’s gluten free select multi-purpose mix. The recipe is simple, and it can be great family fun to make your own pizzas with the kids. You’ll need:

  1. 250g Glutafin Gluten Free Select Multipurpose White Mix
  2. 1 ½ tsp yeast
  3. ½ tsp salt
  4. ½ tsp sugar
  5. 200ml liquid (75ml just boiled water, 50ml cold water and 75ml semi-skimmed milk)
  6. 1 tbsp olive oil

Simply mix the dried ingredients together with a fork and stir the yeast into the liquid. Add the oil to the dry ingredients, then combine with the liquid to make a smooth batter.

Spoon batter onto a 30cm/12″ round solid base pizza tray lined with baking paper and let it spread out to make a 26cm/10″ base (a 1cm border of olive oil will keep it in place). Then bake for 20 minutes in a preheated oven at 220°C/200°C fan/Gas Mark 7.

Gluten free pizza toppings

Once cooked, you can freeze your pizza base for later use, but why wait when you can top it with your favourite sauce, meats and toppings and pop it back in the oven to complete your creation?

Most of your favourite pizza toppings are naturally gluten free, including tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, veggies like mushrooms, peppers and onions, and even most meats like pepperoni and ham. However, you do need to check the label on your meats to confirm their gluten free status, especially cooked meats like ham, which may have a glaze or coating that contains gluten.

Check out some delicious pizza recipes, including tasty halloumi and grilled veg and serrano ham and mozzarella,  that you can make using either our gluten free pizza bases or bases you’ve baked yourself. You can even get the kids involved with our gluten free funny face pizzas.

Frozen and takeaway pizzas

As awareness of coeliac disease and the demand for gluten free food grows, many of the leading brands of frozen pizza now offer gluten free alternatives. These include delicious gluten free pizzas from Schär, Glutafin’s sister brand.

The same is also true of the major pizza delivery brands. Both Pizza Hut and Dominoes now offer options made with gluten free pizza bases, for collection, delivery or to eat in at their restaurants for a Friday night out with friends and family.

With a little planning, some gluten free pizza bases and carefully selected ingredients, there’s no reason why you can’t continue to enjoy pizza on a gluten free diet. So dig out that pizza wheel and dig in to a delicious pizza night.

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