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Whether you are an expert gluten free cook or you are new to gluten free cooking, we are confident you’ll love our fantastic range of gluten free flour mixes.

With Glutafin, we can help you find or even rediscover the joy of gluten free baking and cooking. Get creative by baking bread with Gluten Free Select Fibre Mix by adding a handful of sunflower seeds or maybe top off with some poppy seeds or sesame seeds that have been packaged in a gluten free factory for that little something extra. 

Not sure what to make next? Take a look at gluten free recipes for cooking and baking inspiration and make sure you include Glutafin flour mixes on your next prescription.

*Local prescribing policies may vary.

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If you or someone you love has been recently diagnosed with coeliac disease, you could be eligible to receive gluten free foods on prescription. Simply select your country of residence, and, if you live in England, fill in your postcode to check if your area is prescribing.

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* Please note: local policies are constantly updated, and issuing a prescription is at the discretion of your GP.

Gluten Free Flour Mixes Supplied On Prescription Across The UK

Being diagnosed with Coeliac Disease can be unsettling but it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on your favourite foods. With Glutafin gluten free flour mixes, you can be sure that food made with Glutafin flour mixes are not only safe to eat, but are delicious too. 

Never again do you have to miss out on:

  • Victoria sponge
  • Bread
  • Shortbread biscuits
  • Brownies
  • Lasagne

All of these can be made gluten free! 

If you have just been diagnosed with Coeliac Disease, you can register with us to receive a free taster box to try some of the great gluten free flour mixes that are available to you on prescription. If you like what we send you in your taster box (and we’re pretty sure you will!), you can order Glutafin gluten free flour mixes for delivery to your local pharmacy anywhere in the UK. 

At Glutafin, our aim is to offer safe gluten free products that taste great so that you can live life to the fullest. Have a little of what you fancy, nothing is off-limits when it’s been made with Glutafin gluten free flour mixes. From a classic victoria sponge to delicious breads, shortbread biscuits and your favourite sauces – delicious.

Top up your

Our sister brand, Schär, have a fantastic range of pizzas, crackers and sweet biscuits available in the supermarket to help top up your gluten free prescription!

Visit the Schär website

FAQ's for

Flour Mixes

Here are a list of common questions we are asked by newly diagnosed and long term coeliacs alike! If your question is not answered below please contact us, we are here to help.

  • Question: Does gluten free flour behave the same as self-raising flour?
  • Answer

    Glutafin gluten free flour mixes can be used as a substitute for self raising flour when baking cakes, biscuits and pastry. This is because Glutafin flour mixes are a blend of gluten free flours, specially developed to mimic mainstream flour. It is best to check depending on which gluten free flour you use, as gluten free flours which are just a single ingredient e.g. rice flour will not behave in the same way as self-raising flour.

  • Question: Is it hard to make gluten free bread at home?
  • Answer

    Baking gluten free bread with a breadmaker is relatively straightforward, especially if you use Glutafin gluten free flour mixes.

  • Question: What is a good way to add flavour to savoury gluten free products?
  • Answer

    If you are baking gluten free savoury recipes, you could try adding different seasonings such as rosemary, paprika and chilli powder to add flavour and spice. Glutafin has lots of savoury recipe inspiration on our website.

  • Question: Can I get gluten free flour on prescription?
  • Answer

    Gluten free flour mixes are available on prescription for patients in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. In England, availability of gluten free flour on prescription varies depending on which area of the country you live. To check availability in your area, we would advise speaking to your GP.

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