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Our top five tips baking tips to help you get the best bakes.

Date: Tuesday 7th July 2015

We asked our in-house baking experts for their top tips to help you achieve your best gluten free bakes. Here's what they said...

Toblerone cookies1. Do you use measuring cups to measure your ingredients? Did you know that taking your flour mix from the bag with your measuring cup could be compressing the flour mix, and throwing off your measurements? Sometimes by as much as 25%. Glutafin suggests using a spoon to scoop flour into the measuring cup and then levelling off the measuring cup with a knife instead. 


Baked vanilla cheesecake2. Did you know that the temperature of your baking ingredients could be affecting their effectiveness? It is particularly important for recipes which use yeast that you bring the rest of the ingredients such as eggs to room temperature, before adding them together to make your dish.



Bread machine loaf3. Did you know that leaving your bread in the bread maker can affect the crust? At Glutafin we advise leaving the cooked loaf for 10 minutes as this leaves the best crust, and often prevents the paddle getting stuck in the loaf too.




Cake4. Did you know that some gluten free cakes can sink when they’re taken out of the oven, due to the difference in temperature? As Glutafin we advise that once the cake is cooked, you turn off the oven and leave the door open for a few minutes to achieve the best results.




White chocolate cookies5. Did you know that gluten free cookies and biscuits often need to be given time to harden after cooking, for the best results? Glutafin suggest you wait a few hours between cooking these bakes, and enjoying them.




Remember to let us know if these tips work for you! We always love to see your delicious dishes on our facebook or twitter pages, or via email.

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The Glutafin Team

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Sylvia Hay


Found your baking hints very helpful, only baked a few times with gf flour, just trying to get used to it. I've certainly found gf bread etc. Have made a big difference to me and I'm certainly feeling better for it.

Glutafin Customer


I find this very useful information. Thank you.

Glutafin Customer


Thank you so much for my hamper of glutafin goodies, it was waiting for me on the door step when I came home from work. I am slowly getting to grips with my recent diagnosis. It's nice to know I'm not alone and help is only a clock away. I'm seeing the dietician next Wednesday I've had to wate eight weeks, they are I believe very busy. Thanks again

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