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Gluten free baking

Date: Wednesday 1st February 2012

You may have seen a note on the Glutafin Cake mix box informing you that the Cake mix is to be discontinued.
glutafin cake mix



Don't worry about it! We have a fantastic alternative product that coeliacs have been using for years to bake fantastic cakes- Glutafin Multipurpose White mix!


glutafin mix


Both boxes are the same size (500g) and are the same number of units on your prescription. The main difference you will see is that with your Multipurpose White mix you will also get a sachet of yeast to make bread. This is because the multipurpose mix is very versatile! Not only can you make cakes like the cakes you are used to baking but you can make bread, wraps, sauces, toad in the hole and even chippy style fish and chips! According to research conducted at gluten free events, some coeliacs and coeliac group organisers actually like the Victoria sponges made with Multipurpose White mix better than the cake mix version!

We understand you will be used to making your cakes with the Cake mix but don't worry about swapping to the Multipurpose mix. There are only a few differences when baking that are easy to remember and try...

• When using the Multipurpose White mix remember to add sugar and baking powder, as both these ingredients are not in the Multipurpose White mix but they are in the Cake mix.

• If you decide to use margarine instead of butter the fat content needs to be 70% or over.

• There is a slight difference in colour between the two mixes; the Cake mix is a slightly more creamy colour and the Multipurpose White mix is more a white colour when cooked. So don’t be alarmed, the texture and taste will be just as good! 

• When people first change to the Multipurpose White mix the main concern is that sometimes the cakes seems to sink a little in the middle. However our careline member Jayne is constantly baking with our gluten free flour mixes and recommends that once the cooking time is finished, ensure the cake is kept in the oven and the oven is turned off. Just keep it in for a few minutes before pulling it out of the oven.

To find more tips on baking with this mix then check out the Love Food club baking pages.
If you have any more questions on using the Multipurpose White mix please phone Jayne free on 0800 988 2470.

The Multipurpose White mix provides the same nutrients as the Cake Mix; 15% of your RDA of folic acid and 50% of your RDA of Calcium (per 100g used). It is also healthier with less calories and more protein and fibre; an essential nutrient when you have coeliac disease.

Our customer feedback on the Glutafin Select Multipurpose mix is fantastic. Here are just some of the things that people have said:

‘‘Had a box of multipurpose mix included in my first prescription and have just made a Victoria sponge using the recipe on the box - brilliant. That was not only my verdict but also that of my wife and friends. I shall be looking to do more with this mix - a regular feature of my prescription from now on.‘‘ G. Franco

‘‘Multipurpose white mix is absolutely fantastic. I have made bread, sponges and pastry all fantastic. I also use the mixture to make bread bases for pizza then put allsorts on as a toppings. Loving it. Thankyou Glutafin for making my diet easier to cope with.‘‘ S. Goucher

“I LOVE the mix it makes life so much easier.” H. Carter

Using the Multipurpose White mix means you can still have the great tasting cakes you have been baking and you can try so many more with over 50 cake and dessert recipes to try using this mix.

The Multipurpose mix is available in our Select range which is gluten free and our Gluten free Wheat free range is for those advised by their healthcare professional that they are sensitive to Codex Wheat Starch.


  glutafin mix   glutafin wheat free mix

Enjoy baking!

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