Do You Have Symptoms of Coeliac Disease?

20 May 2024

Do You Have Symptoms of Coeliac Disease?

Here at Glutafin, we understand that the symptoms of coeliac disease can be very different from person to person. For some it involves abdominal pain, while others experience bloating, wind and diarrhoea. Some people don’t experience any abdominal symptoms at all. For them, the signs of coeliac disease can manifest as repeated headaches, fatigue or even a rash that won’t go away.

The range of symptoms is one of the reasons why only 36% of people with coeliac disease are diagnosed,  leaving up to half a million people who may have coeliac disease and are yet to be diagnosed. What’s more, the symptoms of coeliac disease are often mistaken for other conditions, such as irritable bowel syndrome, and so patients don’t get the diagnosis, advice and support they need to cope with the condition

Yet receiving a coeliac disease diagnosis can be a real game changer. For the vast majority of people, following a gluten free diet will eliminate the symptoms of coeliac disease. But with such a wide range of gut-related and non-gut symptoms involved, how can you tell whether you have coeliac disease or not?

Introducing the Glutafin Symptom Checker

To make it easier to identify if you have the symptoms of coeliac disease, Glutafin have developed a free symptom checker. The symptom checker is easy to use and is anonymous, so your personal data will not be collected.

The questionnaire is simple and straightforward and only takes a couple of minutes to complete. It asks you a few easy questions, such as your age, gender and geographical location, then lists a number of common symptoms of coeliac disease on a simple tick list. The questionnaire finishes with a few questions about your medical history and your family history of coeliac disease, before giving you your results.

What the symptoms checker will tell you

It’s important to understand that the Glutafin symptom checker does not replace the advice of a trained healthcare professional. It’s intended only as a guide to help you identify a possible cause of your symptoms and next steps towards a medical diagnosis. It won’t be able to tell you whether you definitely have coeliac disease or not.

If the answers you give suggest that you do have the symptoms of coeliac disease, then you will be advised to see your GP as soon as possible to arrange a test. You can show  your symptom checker results to your GP during your consultation.

What the symptom checker has told us

Almost 20,000 people have used the symptom checker since it was first introduced in 2021. Of these almost 75% showed symptoms of coeliac disease. (This high rate is to be expected as the sample was people who felt they may have the signs of coeliac disease. It does not necessarily reflect the rate in the population as a whole.)

Of all the positive symptom checker tests, 86% were from female participants, although this matched the much larger uptake of the test by women compared to men (87% of the sample were women). The rate of positive tests was approximately the same in men and women

Take the test today

It only takes a couple of minutes to complete the Glutafin symptom checker, and it could change your life. So click here now to take the test to see if your symptoms might be due to coeliac disease.

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