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Getting diagnosed

symptoms associated with coeliac disease

If you feel that you have some of the symptoms associated with coeliac disease, we recommend that you book an appointment with your doctor and request a test for coeliac disease.


How do I get diagnosed with coeliac disease?

  1. It is important to follow a diet which contains gluten prior to being tested for coeliac disease. This is because the blood test that your doctor will provide is designed to detect the antibodies that your body produces in response to gluten being in your system. It is essential to include gluten regularly within your diet for at least six weeks before your blood test, consuming gluten more than once a day. If you are already following a gluten free diet when you are tested for coeliac disease, you won’t have gluten-related antibodies in your blood and your test is likely to be negative even though you may have coeliac disease.
  2. If this test is positive then you will be referred onto a consultant at the hospital for a procedure known as an endoscopy. An endoscopy will allow your gastroenterologist to look at the health of your small intestines more closely. During the endoscopy a biopsy will be taken, this can be studied under a microscope to confirm a diagnosis of coeliac disease.


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