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Date: Wednesday 26th October 2011

Whether you’re having a party at your house, going to a bonfire or just celebrating with the family, there are some easy options to eat when on a gluten free diet that are still traditional and popular to eat on Halloween and at a bonfire.
 gluten free bonfire or halloween party

Jacket potatoes are a great choice when on a gluten free diet and great for keeping warm. Simply add your favourite toppings like cheese, tuna, chilli or curry to them. Do check any sauce and spice products ingredients in chilli and curry sauces is gluten free.

A great family feast or a large party favourite is Lasagne and your friends won't even be able to tell it's gluten free with this Glutafin's Lasagne recipe. It only takes 30 minutes to cook so as your friends and family try apple bobbing you can prepare dinner in the kitchen.

Why not bring a bit of fun to the dinner table with some Halloween tomato soup with witches fingers. These witches fingers can also be made separately and eaten with dips.

Toffee apples are a great bonfire classic which can be made easily at home and taken with you to parties. Get the whole family involved in making them as they are simple! Make toffee by melting 200g caster sugar with 4 tablespoons of golden syrup, then simmer until it turns to a golden caramel colour. Push a wooden ice cream stick into the core of the apple and cover with the toffee. Place the apple to one side to allow it to set.

Celebrating outdoors?

If you are out celebrating outdoors then a BBQ may be popular so watch out for burgers which may be coated in breadcrumbs or flour. A list of burgers and sausages are available in Coeliac UK Food and Drink directory so you may want to find out what they are using before you arrive or take your own sausages. If you shop in Tesco has it's Finest Pork Toulouse Style Sausages and Finest British Pork and Apple Sausages 8 pack are both gluten free and Marks and Spencers has a range of gluten free sausages. Watch out for gluten cross contamination when cooking on the BBQ! Ask if yours can be cooked first or separately. Curries can also be popular at a bonfire event and many of these are thickened with corn flour rather than wheat flour which coeliacs can eat, but do ask to double check the curry is gluten free!

Hot chocolate is great for keeping warm whilst watching the fireworks and Green and Blacks organic hot chocolate is suitable for coeliacs!

Watch out for sweets and chocolate




We know that both kids and adults love chocolate and so you may buy regular chocolate in and have it on friday nights as a treat. However for someone with coeliac disease sweets and chocolate still need the label and ingredients checking to ensure they are gluten free. For coeliacs that cannot tolerate gluten (a protein found in wheat, barley and rye), you are best looking at pages 130-140 in the Coeliac UK Food and Drink Directory. For example there are lots of Cadbury chocolates in the supermarket but in the directory there is only 19 Cadbury chocolate bars that are gluten free. Coeliacs should also consider that some sweets, although gluten free, may have been manufactured in a factory that produces gluten products. There are a lot of Halloween and Christmas chocolates around in the shops so if you have bought some already simply check the ingredients list and label to see if they contain gluten or not. Jen has provided a blog on Christmas chocolates that are safe for you to eat which will be very helpful if you or any of your family and friends are coeliac. 


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Trevor Watkins


If you want gluten free hot dog sausages then try Aldis, they are also not mechanically recovered chicken! Delicious in rolls or topping jacket potatoes.

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