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What gluten free foods are available on prescription in England?

In England, bread, rolls and flour mixes are available on prescription. This depends on your local area’s individual prescribing policy.

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If you or someone you love has been recently diagnosed with coeliac disease, you could be eligible to receive gluten free foods on prescription. Simply select your country of residence, and, if you live in England, fill in your postcode to check if your area is prescribing.

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* Please note: local policies are constantly updated, and issuing a prescription is at the discretion of your GP.

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How much gluten free food can I get on prescription?

Gluten free food on prescription is measured in units. Depending on your age, gender and the area of the UK that you live in, you have a certain number of units for your monthly allowance. You can mix and match the foods you enjoy, up to the total amount of units in your allowance.

Most people choose a variety of items for each prescription. ½ unit = 1 pack rolls 1 unit = 400g bread 2 units = 1 box of mix


How many units am I allowed?

Number of Units
Child under 10 years
Child 11-18 years
Female 19 years and older
Male 19 years and older

Coeliac UK guidelines suggest the approximate amount of gluten free food (classified in units) needed for a person with coeliac disease to maintain a balanced diet for one month. This is based on advice from healthcare professionals as well as input from patient organisations and patients themselves. You should discuss the amount you are allowed with a qualified healthcare professional.

How much does a gluten free prescription cost?

Who qualifies for free prescriptions?
In England, if you’re over 60, between the ages of 0-16 or 16-18 in full time education, on income support or pregnant, you qualify for free prescriptions.

What is the most cost effective way to order a gluten free prescription?
The single prescription charge in England is £9.15 (April 2020).  Each different category of gluten free food counts as one prescription charge (e.g. if you wanted bread and flour mix they would be two separate prescription charges).  Therefore, we would recommend that if you are taking a regular gluten free prescription, you should opt for a prepaid prescription.  A prepaid prescription covers the cost of all of your gluten free items for £2 per week.

How to get a Prepaid Prescription?

  1. Go to and follow the links for buying PPC online
  2. Ask your Pharmacist for an FP95 form
  3. Call the NHS on 0845 850 0030


How do I set up a prescription?

In England, your GP will usually be responsible for setting up your prescription.You should discuss with them the amount of staple foods you require each month.

Tip: Use our Food Diary to help you determine how much of each item you will need. Then complete our Gluten Free Foods Request Form to help your GP set up your prescription.

How often should I get a prescription?

Most people get repeat prescriptions every month, but you can do what’s easiest for you. Talk about your needs with your GP and if you need to change the frequency, don’t be afraid to ask.

How do repeat prescriptions work?

Repeat prescriptions let you re-order the same items without seeing the GP. Some surgeries need 48 hours to issue a repeat prescription, so you should check your surgery’s procedures.

How long does it take to receive my gluten free foods prescription?

Once you have completed your prescription with your GP or pharmacist it will normally take around 48 hours from when your pharmacist receives it to the order being ready for collection. Please note that some items, such as fresh bread, will only be delivered on certain days (Wednesdays and Fridays in England.) See our dedicated page on fresh bread ordering here.

Some pharmacies also offer additional services such as free home delivery which may make managing your prescription easier. Your pharmacist should also be able to accommodate changes to your prescription should you need to.

You can find your nearest pharmacy here

If you are experiencing problems receiving your Glutafin products on prescription please contact us here


How do I change my gluten free prescription?

If you would like to change the products you receive on prescription you may need to make an appointment with your GP or speak to someone at your GP surgery to discuss which products you would like to switch for the new products.

Tip: why not complete our Gluten Free Foods Request Form and take this to your GP.

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