Gluten Free Snacks – Making Fruit Go Further!

30 April 2020

Making Fruit Go Further

Fruit and vegetables are natural gluten free snacks and packed with essential vitamins and fibre. We should all be aiming to eat at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables every day, but while we’re all being encouraged to shop less, buying enough fruit and veg to last through the week and preventing it from spoiling as temperatures rise, could be a problem. Here’s some top tips from Glutafin to make your gluten free snacks of fruit and veg go further and last longer during lock-down:

Over-ripe stone fruits & berries (e.g. peaches, plums, mango, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries):

  1. These are perfect for blending to make fruit smoothies, add fruit juice and ice for a refreshing slush, or freeze in small cups/ ice cube trays to make ice lollies. Add milk or natural yogurt to make a nutritious smoothie. Fruit that is a little sour can be sweetened with a small amount of honey, or add a ripe banana.
  2. Try peeling and poaching fruit in a small amount of water or juice to make a delicious fruit compote that can be kept fresh in the fridge for a further 3 days or frozen in portions for another time. Add honey for sweetness if required and serve on it’s own or with yogurt and gluten-free granola for a healthy breakfast. Apples and pears are can also be cooked in this way.

Brown bananas

  1. Use these to make our delicious banana cake recipe. This will keep fresh in an air tight container for up to 7 days or can be double wrapped in cling film and frozen to be used later.

Soft citrus fruits

  1. The juice from over-ripe citrus fruits will still taste great. Add sugar and soda water to lemon/ orange juice to make a refreshing sparkling soft drink (leave out the sugar if using orange juice).

Veg that’s past it’s best

  1. Try blanching in boiling water for a couple of minutes before freezing in portions to be used at a later date.
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