May is Coeliac Disease Awareness Month

26 April 2024

May is Coeliac Disease Awareness Month

Coeliac disease affects around one in a hundred people in the UK, yet only around 36% of cases are currently diagnosed. Raising awareness of the signs of coeliac disease is a vital step in reaching the remaining 64% of people who have the condition. That’s why Coeliac UK are extending their awareness campaign in May 2024, from the usual Coeliac Disease Awareness Week to a whole month.

What is Coeliac Disease Awareness Month?

Coeliac Disease Awareness Month covers the whole of May and aims to raise awareness of the disease amongst the general public. It’s estimated that around half a million people in the UK have coeliac disease but have yet to be diagnosed. Often this is because they are unaware of the signs of coeliac disease. They dismiss their symptoms as irritable bowel syndrome or just an upset stomach.

In some cases, the signs of coeliac disease may not even be gut-related. Extreme tiredness, persistent headaches, anaemia and other nutritional deficiencies can all be signs of coeliac disease. It can also manifest as a skin rash, joint or bone pain and neurological issues. Unless people are made aware of the signs of coeliac disease, there’s no reason for them to associate these problems with their gut or their diet, and they miss out on effective treatment as a result.

With such a diverse range of signs of coeliac disease, campaigns like Coeliac Disease Awareness Month play a crucial role in encouraging people to get tested for the condition. If you, or anyone you know, is experiencing any of these symptoms, they can use the Glutafin symptom checker to see if they may be suffering from coeliac disease and should consult their GP.

How can I get involved?

Here at Glutafin, you’ll find lots of ways to get involved in Coeliac Disease Awareness Month, from tasty gluten free recipes for events, to useful information to help you spread the word about the condition. There will also be a range of great digital and printed tools to support the campaign on the Coeliac UK website.

Here are just a few ways you could get involved this May and help raise awareness of the signs of coeliac disease:

  1. Coffee mornings
  2. Gluten free lunches
  3. Share your story – one of the most powerful ways to raise awareness of coeliac disease is to share your story. You can do this in person or on your social media. This helps to turn the understanding of coeliac disease from a ‘medical condition’ into a real issue that affects real people. You’ll also find lots of personal stories on our website that you can use in a similar way.
  4. Raise funds – as well as raising awareness, Coeliac Disease Awareness Month also aims to raise funds to support people with coeliac disease and pay for vital research. You could hold a fundraising event or get sponsored for a challenge like abseiling or running a half marathon.
  5. Give your time – if you don’t want to organise your own event, you can always volunteer your time to support others. There are numerous local coeliac support groups across the UK who will welcome your help with their own Coeliac Disease Awareness Month activities.

We’d love to hear how you’re getting involved with Coeliac Disease Awareness Month. Send us your story at and we’ll share the most interesting and inspiring ideas in a future blog.

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