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2. How much gluten free food am I entitled to on my prescription?

Gluten free food on prescription is measured in units. Now that you’ve been diagnosed, you have a certain number of units for your monthly allowance. You can mix and match the foods you enjoy, up to the total amount of units in your allowance. Most people choose a variety of items including pastas, breads and rolls, cereals, and flour mixes.

Coeliac UK guidelines suggest the approximate amount of gluten free food (classified in units) needed for a person with coeliac disease to maintain a balanced diet for one month. This is based on advice from healthcare professionals as well as input from patient organisations and patients themselves. You should discuss the amount you are allowed with a qualified healthcare professional. Amounts vary by local area.

Source: Gluten-free foods: a revised prescribing guide 2011. Coeliac UK, Sept 2011.

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How many units is each food worth?

Each prescribable gluten free food is worth a certain number of units.

For example, 400g bread = 1 unit and 500g pasta = 2 units.

This table shows the number of units each food item represents.

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