Glutafin Gluten Free Part-Baked 4 Fibre Rolls | Glutafin

Pack Size: 200g

PIP Code: 344-3652

Unit value: ½

Glutafin Gluten Free Part-Baked 4 Fibre Rolls
Glutafin Gluten Free Part-Baked 4 Fibre Rolls

Ciabatta-style rolls with a delicious texture and nutty flavour. Just like our part-baked white rolls, these fibre equivalents can be eaten straight from the pack or warmed up for a crispy crust. Our long life rolls have a longer best before date and will stay fresh for up to eight weeks. They taste great after freezing too.

Maize starch, water, rice flour, sunflower seeds (7.5%), buckwheat flour (7.0%), linseed (5.5%), sugar beet syrup, vegetable fibre, rice starch, yeast, apple extract, thickener: (hydroxypropyl - methylcellulose); soya protein, salt, sunflower oil, acidifier: (tartaric acid).


May also contain Lupin

Nutritional Information
Per 100g Per roll (50g)
Energy 1150kJ/ 274kcal 575kJ/ 137kcal
Fat 8.1g 4.1g
of which saturates 1.0g 0.5g
Carbohydrate 40g 20g
of which sugars 3.7g 1.8g
Fibres 8.9g 4.5g
Protein 5.8g 2.9g
Salt 1.0g 0.50g

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Megan Jones-Dellaportas


I love these rolls. They're definitely some of the best I've had since being diagnosed so I'm very disappointed to find they are no longer available. I sincerely hope this is temporary and they will back shortly!

louise greenwood


the best bread i have had since diagnosis, finally something that tastes like bread

Glutafin Customer


absolutely the best rolls on prescription.

Glutafin Customer


I have tried various different types of rolls since being diagnosed and these are definitely the best. I now have a double order of these for my prescription as there is no point having others that simply do not compare.

Glutafin Customer


I enjoyed the sample Gluten free fibre roll so much so that I am arranging to have them on prescription. I have a very poor sense of taste but despite that I found the roll very tasty.

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