Coeliac Disease And Students

When you’re going to university we understand that having coeliac disease can sometimes make things a little harder. Here are our best tips for enjoying university gluten free;

  1. Combat gluten cross contamination; as soon as you feel ready, speak to your housemates about why it’s important for you to avoid gluten and that when you label your food you’re labelling it gluten free. Consider keeping a small fridge in your room to ensure your essentials like butter and jam remain free of gluten crumbs until you feel comfortable putting them in any shared living areas.
  2. Try to secure the top shelf in the fridge for your other food, so no gluten falls onto your dishes.
  3. Consider keeping a gluten free toaster in your room until you’re comfortable your housemates understand the risks to you of sharing one toaster. Keep some emergency toaster bags just in case.

  1. Register with your doctor as soon as possible, not only for coeliac appointments but for general check-ups too – they will usually send for all your details from your current doctor so they will be up-to-date with your latest records.
  2. Coeliac disease and students refer to your Coeliac UK directory for gluten free party snacks and drinks; we suggest taking some to any parties you attend to show your friends how tasty gluten free can be.
  3. Try cooking some of our easy gluten free recipes.
Gluten free food checklist
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