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Coeliac disease and children

Coeliac disease and childrenHere you and your family can find out more about adapting to a gluten free lifestyle. We have information for children and parents/carers on managing coeliac disease and living gluten free. 

If your child has just been diagnosed with coeliac disease and you’re not sure what to expect you may find the following sections useful

As well as the many naturally gluten free foods, there are lots of gluten free product that have been specially manufactured for people with coeliac disease such as the Glutafin product range. Find out more about the Glutafin products range here.

If you are diagnosed with coeliac disease in the UK, you are entitled to gluten free food on prescription.  You can check out the latest information from Coeliac UK or contact your doctor for more information on your allowance. Find out more information about Your Prescription here 

Tips for kids

Coeliac disease and children

Our parent company, Dr Schär, regularly publish blogs containing tips and advice for kids and parents. For all the latest information, visit the Dr Schär Family page here.

You can also visit the Dr Schär mascot Milly online. For great art and craft downloads, games and more, check out Milly’s site here.


Support for parents

Coeliac UK have fantastic resources to help support parents of coeliac children, including how to explain coeliac disease to your children, and a template letter to send to your child’s school.

Visit them here.


Read about coeliac disease and students here

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