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Date: Thursday 26th April 2012

Hi, it's Jen, the gluten free blogger!

Last month I told you I joined a cake club. Well two weeks after showing off my gluten free Toffee Apple Cider cake, a new email came through from the club telling us our new theme for April’s club. I became so excited! The theme for April’s cakes was  ‘GLUTEN FREE‘. This meant I could eat 20 cakes. I have never had that option in the last 4 years, especially from women who are incredible at baking. 


As I am new to gluten free baking I decided to make the easiest gluten free cake recipe...Glutafin Victoria Sponge. I got the recipe from the website as I always use the Glutafin Select Multipurpose White mix to make my cakes. They do have recipes for anyone using the Glutafin Gluten Free Wheat Free Flour mix on the same recipe too!

gluten free baking

Look how messy I am! Good job only me who uses the kitchen!

Guess what I learnt...I have no clue about baking...never mind gluten free baking. After phoning my mum at 5.30pm in Asda saying ‘What aisle do I buy buttercream from?‘ I suddenly realised I had no you make buttercream with butter and icing sugar!


gluten free cake club


It also didn’t help after weighing the gluten free flour mix and all the ingredients, I then knocked it all on the floor! And once I started again I realised I had 9‘‘ rather than 8‘‘ tins. 



gluten free tipsDefinitely make sure you have the right tins! Reducing or adding flour mix to what it states in the recipe means you may not get the end product right as other ingredients will need to be changed and this varies by recipe. 


When my cakes reached the cooking time, they looked golden but where shaped like an aliens head. I think this is because I had larger tins for my ingredients so it wasn’t a perfect circle shape. But with some careful knife cutting, I had two circles. 


gluten free cake sponge

As near a circle shape as I could get!


The next challenge was the buttercream. Remember my phone call! I asked my mum for tips and she said double the amount of icing sugar to the butter. Well I did and I got lumpy buttercream!


After putting this on top of my jam and sponge, I felt so embarrassed and I didn’t even have anyone around. But then I created something that everyone loved when they tried the cake....strawberry whisking the buttercream and jam together in a bowl. 

I then went on a strawberry theme and added strawberries on top and here it is.. my Strawberry Victoria Sponge! 

gluten free sponge cake

I don’t think anyone can have as many little disasters as me, but please do let me know your stories then I know I am not alone! Please comment on the box below or if you have a longer story you want to share with other coeliacs please email me, Jen, at as I would love to share it!


Here are some of the cakes I got to try too! I ate lots of the cakes but I also had 3 pieces of the gluten free carrot cake,  as I hadn’t eaten carrot cake in 4 years (since I was told to go gluten free). I don’t even feel guilty, as I savoured every piece incase it became another 4 years until I tried such a delicious and flavoursome gluten free carrot cake. Then after the 3rd piece the girl who made it gave me the recipe...maybe I should feel a little guilty for having 3 pieces now!  


gluten free cakes  gluten free cakes

Here are all the cakes....and my two favourite..the coconut and carrot cake!


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Glutafin Customer


I was experimenting with freshly ground rice flour and my 'rice' scones were a flop, after I forgot to add baking powder and xanthan gum! Dense and hard was the result ... think I should perhaps stick to the Glutafin cake mix in future?

Glutafin Customer


Hi Thanks for your question. You should lightly oil the paper cases before hand. Usually you would leave the gluten free cakes in the cases to let the cakes cool before trying to separate them. Hope that helps Jen

Glutafin Customer


wow you had a ball
my disaster was when i made my fruit and chocolate muffins ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh but at least i could eat them
they tasted like sweet bread with chocolate and fruit not to bad but i have to try again
any way can i have the carrot and coconut cake they look divine
i am a coeliac and was a chef for years so i love to cook thanks



why is it that when i make cup cakes when baked the paper cases all pull away from the cakes i use glutafin cake mix

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