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Staying Gluten Free at University

Date: Tuesday 17th November 2015

The idea of starting University in a new city with new people can be overwhelming in itself. Add to that the necessity of ensuring your diet is gluten free, it can feel a little daunting. Here, at Glutafin, we aim to make living a gluten free lifestyle as easy as possible. To help you with this we have come up with a few tips which can help you in adapting gluten free living to your new university life.

First and foremost don’t hesitate to get in touch.
If you have any questions our team is here to help! You can contact us in various ways
*Find us on Facebook Glutafin Gluten free foods
*Tweet us @Glutafin
*Call a member of our Customer Services team 0800 988 2470 

Before freshers takes over your social life, register with your local doctor. By registering with your local doctor you can ensure that if you do develop a health problem you can visit a GP nice and local rather than suffering the journey back home or to pick up your prescription.

Experiment with recipes don’t feel like you are restricted to the same foods when you’re at University. If you are unsure of what to cook take a visit to the student recipe section of our website. We’re sure you will find some good inspiration there!

Inform people! It may sound obvious but it is really important that the people around you are aware of your condition, that way you are able to avoid any cross contamination. People will be likely want to understand more about coeliac disease and your well-being and will happily do anything they can to help.

On that note don’t miss the chance to grab a complementary Toastabag!
With 5 Toastabags to giveaway, they are a great product to take away with you to University. Simply make your sandwich as normal, place the sandwich into the Toastabag and then place the bag into the toaster and start cooking. This simple technique is quick, can stop any risk of cross contamination and also means you don’t have to use a separate toaster to everyone else!

To enter the giveaway, share this blog post and tweet us @Glutafin your favourite section of the brand new Glutafin website. 

Kindest Regards,

The Glutafin Team. 

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