Katala’s story

1 April 2021

Katala’s story

Coeliac Disease from a baby…

I am katala, I am 6 years old and have been coeliac since birth. I started off as a normal baby but when it came to weaning, things changed. My mummy and daddy were having to change my nappy between 10-15 times a day, some days more. One morning they had to change me 10 times before 9am!

Mummy and daddy had taken me to two different GPs who told them that it was no concern and that some babies are like that. Mummy and daddy were growing increasingly concerned as I was losing weight quickly and at 6 months old I was not reaching milestones of other babies. I have two older siblings so my parents knew the score of development.

Finally, baby Katala received her diagnosis before her first birthday

Our health visitor finally took notice of us as my percentile was below 50% when it was 75% before weaning. The day after I was not moving much and slept all the time so my mummy took action and rushed me to hospital. I had a blood test and by my first birthday, I was diagnosed with coeliac disease. The dr said I was more than ten times over the upper limit for coeliac disease.

My parents had already stopped giving me gluten after the blood test as my mummy is coeliac and she knew the whole time it was that. The drs wanted me to keep eating wheat so they could perform a procedure with a camera in my tummy to clarify, but my mummy with help from grandpops fought on my behalf to not do this as it was clear that was the problem.

Katala is now a healthy 6 year old!

5 years have passed and I am a healthy 6 year old who has grown strong and happy with my adjusted diet.

Katala’s Mummy’s top tips…

Mummy’s favourite tips for coeliac is

Always check for hidden wheat.

Some gluten free products are naturally gluten free so do not spend more than you need to.

Our favourite dishes are pasta bake!

Here is a photo of me with my bigger siblings.

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