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Jenny’s story

I was diagnosed as Coeliac 42 years ago. I had suffered from mouth ulcers for many years, I was anaemic, always tired and generally unwell, picking up any infection going. I was at work and fainted many times so had a blood test, haemoglobin was 4. I had to swallow the Crosby capsule to be diagnosed, this was very stressful as I cannot swallow anything without choking.

Eventually I was diagnosed as Coeliac. I was given 6 tins of bread and basically left to get on with it. The bread was not pleasant so as I was a trained Home Economics teacher I went to the local health shop and purchased any flour to make a slightly more palatable loaf. At the time there was little choice in the shops. Joining the local Coeliac group helped and I was elected to the committee. We arranged an Italian evening and made a range of dishes. Christmas parties were the highlight with members going home with goodies. 

My advice for newly diagnosed…

My top tips would be read labels carefully or use the app to check products. Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Don’t let it dominate your life understand that there are many foods naturally gluten free. My gluten free dish is my VE day afternoon tea.

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