Aileen’s story

My Diagnosis Story...

Aileen's story

My journey to diagnosis…
My battle to be diagnosed began aged 16 when I started with ‘indigestiony’ type pains and griping stomach pain. I saw my gp he said buy some milk of magnesia! I went back a year later and was told I had ‘probably got the beginnings of a stomach ulcer.’  I was prescribed some vile ammonia flavoured medicine called Denol  -made my breath smell awful – because being a teenager isn’t tough enough!!

Spent the next 40+ years suffering anaemia, stomach ache that bent me double, having to run to the loo and shovelling in antacids. When I was 50 I was tested for Coeliac Disease but it was negative. The stomach pain got worse. I used to cry thinking I had stomach cancer. Eventually I was sent for an endoscopy and was diagnosed with an hiatus hernia- Oh and by the way did you know you have coeliacs disease?
Me: no I’ve had a test before it was negative?  Well they were wrong because you’ve had it some time!

Seriously to be diagnosed made me feel so happy and it’s been so much better since.

My advice for newly diagnosed…
Focus on what you can eat not what you can’t!
Feeling healthy is so much better than eating food that makes you ill- and there are delicious GF options out there!

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