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Lets Celebrate the Jubilee with 60 years of recipes!

Date: Monday 28th May 2012


Let me introduce myself, my name is Jayne and I work on Glutafin's customer careglutafin customer carelineline. I was born in the mid-fifties and have been privileged to live all my life during our sovereign Queen Elizabeth II’s reign. As we celebrate these 60 years of her reign, I thought it would be appropriate to take you through some recipes from the decades of those 60 years. I have also created the recipes so they are gluten free. You can use them at your own Jubilee Parties or for other British parties throughout the year. 


Recipe from 1950's

During the war Spam was an important part of the national diet. People used spam as it was a great source of protein, at a time when fresh meat was heavily rationed. Despite rationing coming to an end, many foods were eaten out of necessity. People used spam in many recipes and one of the most popular was Spam Fritters. 


Recipe from the 1960's

Prawn cocktail became very fashionable as a starter for dinner parties in the 60's and in the late 1960's and early 70's it became popular for eating out. Check out my gluten free recipe to ensure you don’t get caught out by the sauce. There are plenty of breads in our range to choose from, either a slice of one of our fresh or longer life gluten free loaves or as an extra treat warm up our Gluten Free Wheat Free fibre rolls till crispy to accompany this perfect summer party starter. Find my Jubilee gluten free recipe here for the Gluten Free Prawn Cocktail. 


Recipe from the 1970's

The 70's was a great decade to entertain. ABBA was in the charts and the classic flares and platform shoes were in the shops, so you could look fashionable at parties!  This Mini Black Forest Gateaux recipe is ideal if you are entertaining as it is quick, easy to make, and always a popular choice! Find my Jubilee gluten free recipe here for the Mini Black Forest Gateaux. 


Recipe from the 1980's

Arctic Roll was invented in the 1950's by a Czech lawyer, when he set up a factory in Eastbourne. By the 1980's, 25 miles of Arctic roll were sold each month. Find my Jubilee gluten free recipe here for the Arctic Roll. 


Recipe from the 1990's

As the season for Asparagus is from May to June and Quiches were very popular in the 1990's, this is a lovely and easy recipe to make for a picnic or to take to your Jubilee street party. Find my Jubilee gluten free recipe here for the Asparagus Quiche. 


Recipe from the 2000's

I have looked into what Prince William’s favourite childhood treat was. It is a classic biscuit dessert and was especially made for his wedding to Kate Middleton in 2011 (he really did like it). The unbaked three-tier dessert was made from 1,700 biscuits and nearly 40lb of chocolate. I have created a gluten free version but my recipe is for a smaller version. Find my special Jubilee gluten free recipe for Prince William Squares. 


I have very much enjoyed looking back over the era's. Please tell me some of your favourite foods from the last 60 years in the comment box below. Mine is Coronation Chicken, although I do love all fish dishes! Coronation chicken is also a great Jubilee party dish so here is my gluten free Coronation Chicken recipe.  It is great for your Jubilee party as it is connected to Queen Elizabeth II herself. The recipe came about when they were preparing the food for the banquet of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. The chef proposed the recipe of cold chicken, curry cream sauce and dressing that would later become known as coronation chicken. 


Have a great time celebrating the Jubilee. If you have any questions on the recipes please phone Glutafin's customer careline on 0800 988 2470. 




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