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How to Avoid Cross Contamination at your Bake Sale

Date: Tuesday 7th March 2017

Cross-contamination occurs when a gluten free product comes into contact with something that is not gluten free. The smallest amount of gluten contamination could cause illness in those with coeliac disease, it is therefore important to keep gluten free foods separate to those which contain wheat, rye or barley.

It’s not only important for you with coeliac disease, but anyone who is preparing gluten free foods for you, to understand about the importance of avoiding cross contamination.

  1. Buy individual cupcake boxes and biscuit wrappers and label them individually to just grab and go. However, if this isn’t possible keep the gluten free cakes/biscuits in a tightly sealed container, preferably a bright stickered one so people are aware.

  2. Use fresh gloves to serve gluten free food.

  3. Have a sign behind the food saying ‘I’m gluten free – keep it that way’.

  4. If there is someone serving cakes, educate them about the importance of keeping gluten free and gluten containing foods separate.

  5. When preparing the cakes or biscuits, ensure that you do so in a gluten free environment, read more about cross contamination here.

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