Is Quinoa Suitable For A Gluten Free Diet?

18 November 2020

Is Quinoa Suitable For A Gluten Free Diet?

Yes, great news, quinoa is suitable for a gluten free diet. In fact, quinoa (pronounced keen–wah) is a natural gluten free wholegrain rich in vitamins, minerals and protein.

If you have coeliac disease, finding a new ingredient that is safe to eat can be a relief. With so many grains off the menu due to gluten, it’s nice to discover different gluten free foods that can add variety to your diet.

Remember: if you have coeliac disease you must avoid anything that contains gluten, a protein found in wheat, rye and barley.

What are the nutritional benefits of quinoa?

Quinoa is not a grass or a cereal, it’s actually known as a ‘pseudocereal’.

There are some nutritional benefits to quinoa, not only is it gluten free it is also high in protein, high in fibre and contains many nutrients and antioxidants.

Therefore, quinoa is a great addition to your gluten free diet.

Keen to try quinoa? How can I incorporate it into my gluten free diet?

Quinoa is much more versatile than you might imagine. Why not try…

  1. Bulking out your salad with a portion of quinoa, you could mix in sundried tomatoes and olives, or chopped nuts for extra flavour and texture
  2. Using it to thicken soups and stews
  3. Why not try a quinoa risotto?
  4. To add to gluten free porridge (ensure the oats are gluten free) or as a no bake breakfast cereal bar
  5. A great addition to a Buddha Bowl, we love this one from my gluten free guide
  6. Substituting for meat – quinoa can be used to make great vegetarian or vegan burgers

Quinoa can also be bought as an alternative to flour, and used to prepare pancakes, cookies and cakes.

Fun fact: some of the Glutafin breads contain quinoa flour ????

Why am I still experiencing symptoms after eating quinoa?

Quinoa in its natural form is gluten free. But it is important to check quinoa that may have extra ingredients, such as microwaveable pouches as these aren’t always free from gluten.

Whenever you buy quinoa, remember to always check the packaging. Reading food labels becomes an art form as a coeliac, and manufacturers must state any allergens contained within a product in bold in the ingredients section, so be sure to check for the usual suspects – wheat, rye or barley.

If you have coeliac disease, you may be eligible for gluten free foods on prescription. Visit our postcode finder to check your eligibility.

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