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Jen's family had a gluten free bake off for the opening ceremony

Date: Thursday 2nd August 2012

Hi All, my name is Jen and I am Glutafin's gluten free blogger. I was telling everyone about baking a gluten free chocolate cheesecake for the Olympics opening ceremony, including my family. So my brother then decided to get competitive and wanted a gluten free bake off!


So we made our bake off an Olympic theme cheesecake and taste tested with our family at the Olympic opening ceremony. 


Cheesecakes are very easy to make with Glutafin's digestive biscuits and taste fabulous as the base. My brother went and bought Glutafin gluten free wheat free digestives from Holland and Barrett stores (Glutafin now stock a wide range of products at Holland and Barrett), and I bought Glutafin gluten free wheat free milk chocolate digestives from my local pharmacy (oh my gosh these are addictive!) What I find handy about Glutafin's biscuits is they come in portion packs, so I didn't need to eat them all or eat them quickly after opening them, as the biscuits I didn't need to use for my cheesecake base where still sealed. Although that doesn't mean I didn't eat them as they do taste delicious even the chocolate!

gluten free milk chocolate digestives




gluten free digestive biscuits




I did a gluten free chocolate cheesecake and by brother did a gluten free orange and lemon flavoured cheesecake.  If you want some cheesecake ideas see Glutafin's cheesecake recipes.


gluten free cake ingredientsgluten free cheesecake cooling





gluten free bloggerFor both of us it was also a competition on looks based on the best topping ideas. I saw my brother had used a fruit theme to make the Great British flag (damn great idea!), so I decided to continue with my Olympic and chocolate theme and use M&M's to create the Olympic rings. As you can see in my picture I didn't get too many blue M&M's in the pack!!



gluten free cheescakes

All the 10 tasters (our family members) enjoyed how both cheesecakes looked but mine was the winner as their was none left by the end of the night! I do think it was all the women going back for must just be those chocolate cravings we get sometimes! 


If you have been making any Olympic style baking or have any family baking competitions let me know on the comment box below. I love hearing other peoples stories more than me sharing mine!

Also send your picture in and you can win a John Lewis baking kit. See our baking competition page. 

If you have a comment or liked this this blog let us know in the comment box below! If you found it interesting then please do share it for others to read using the icons below or at the top of the blog.

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