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Gluten Free Christmas Cake

Date: Tuesday 15th December 2015

It’s that time of the year again (we know; where did the year go?!) the festivities are well under way so it’s time you get preparing the good stuff!

What’s Christmas without a Christmas Cake?

It doesn’t have to be any different for Coeliac’s. We have two great Gluten Free Christmas Cake recipes we think will tick all your festive boxes!

The Classic Christmas Cake

Our Classic Christmas Cake can be made to be left for a couple of weeks to allow flavours to mature, or can be baked ready to eat on the big day! The rich, moist fruit cake makes enough to serve 10 and takes 8 hours 30 minutes to prepare (perhaps best not left until Christmas Eve) With all the goings on at Christmas, prepare and bake this classic cake ahead of the 25th and enjoy a delicious stress free dessert on Christmas Day and it doesn’t have to just be for coeliac’s!

Select Nut Topped Christmas Cake

Alternatively if icing isn’t you thing, you can top your Christmas Cake with something a little more interesting like nuts. It is entirely your choice how you decide to top your cake but to guide you in the right direction we recommend walnuts, almonds, Brazil nuts and perhaps some cherries on top! This cake takes 2 hours baking time for around 8 people so can even be thrown together last min if needs be (all part of the Christmas fun!)

Whichever cake you decide to make, we are sure it will end a great Christmas Day with family or friends in the tastiest way possible!

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