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Meet Glutafin's Home Economist

Date: Friday 26th April 2013

Meet Glutafin's very own Home Economist.

Gill has been working with Glutafin, and our sister brand DS-gluten free since 1999, so she definitely knows her stuff!

After failing A-level Geography her dreams of becoming a Geography teacher were dashed and she redirected herself towards Home Economics after achieving a Grade 1 distinction.

Gill then went on to study Home Economics at college in London for 3 yrs

After her daughter was born with a food allergy, which Gill attributes to drinking too much milk in her job as Home Service Advisor on the Milk Marketing Board!, she began an interest in specialised diets

This interest developed as she worked freelance doing cookery demonstrations for companies and also lecturing for adult education classes in cookery.

Gill had another change in direction when she had a lucky break with an opportunity to food style for the co-op, never looked back now been food styling for 20 years.

Since then she has always worked in the food industry or retail, including being area manager for JS for their in-store sampling stands

In touch with DS-gluten free when they had just started in Chester, joined in 1999 as freelance 

Gill spends her time creating new and exciting recipes for Glutafin, developing old recipes so the results are even better and helps with baking queries from our careline.

Gill is also often out and about at cook demonstrations showcasing how easy it is to cook gluten free. But her main role is still food stying as she styles the photos on our packaging and images in our literature ensuring that our products always look their very best! 

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