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Coeliac Friendly Red Nose Day Recipes

Date: Friday 10th March 2017

Red Nose Day Victoria Sponge



1 Glutafin Gluten Free Victoria Sponge Cake

225g butter (soft)

450g icing sugar

1 tsp vanilla essence

1 tsp good quality red food colouring

200g white chocolate

100g red fruit of your choice

50g red sweets of your choice


Want to make an impressive show stopper? Here’s one that coeliac's are sure to enjoy!




  1. Make our classic victoria sponge cake by following the recipe here

  2. Meanwhile mix together butter, icing sugar and vanilla essence until it becomes smooth and creamy.

  3. Cover the victoria sponge in a thin layer and leave to set in the fridge (this will help stop the crumbs getting into the final layer).

  4. Once set, add a generous layer of buttercream and smooth over the whole cake before placing back into the fridge to set.

  5. Meanwhile, melt 200g white chocolate with 1 tsp good quality red food colouring (keep adding this until you reach your desired colour).

  6. Place the melted chocolate on top of the cake and allow to drip over the sides using the back of a spoon.

  7. Allow the chocolate to set before topping with red fruit and red sweets of your choice, we used raspberries, pomegranates and red laces.



Viennese whirls dipped in red chocolate


A batch of Glutafin Gluten Free Viennese Whirls

200g white chocolate

2 tsp good quality red food colouring

Red sprinkles (optional)


Our Viennese Whirls are the perfect, buttery, soft, melt in the mouth biscuit, which would be the perfect addition to any bake sale.



  1. Make up a batch of delicious gluten free Viennese Whirls (make sure you refrigerate them before baking to help keep their shape).

  2. Once the Viennese Whirls are ready, melt together 200g white chocolate with 1 tsp good quality red food colouring.

  3. Dip half the Viennese Whirls into the red chocolate (you could also dip in red sprinkles for added effect) before leaving to set in the fridge on greaseproof paper for around 5 minutes.

  4. To prevent the chocolate from sticking, cover one side of the Viennese whirls first and allow to set before covering the other side and allowing to set.


Cupcake swirls


A batch of Glutafin Gluten Free White Chocolate Cupcakes

2 tsp red food colouring

10g red fondant icing


A cupcake is always a favourite at a bake sale, they’re easy to make, easy to price up and even easier to consume. We’ve taken our classic white chocolate cupcake recipe  but decorated them a little differently to really get into the red nose day spirit, although we agree – they are a little pink.  



  1. Make a batch of White Chocolate Cupcakes

  2. When it comes to the decoration, split the buttercream mixture in half and add a few drops of good quality red food colouring until it becomes an acceptable shade of red.

  3. Place the red buttercream to the left hand side of your piping bag and place the vanilla buttercream in the right hand side.

  4. Give it the squeeze test until both colours of icing are showing when piped.

  5. Decorate the cupcake in a swirl effect, starting from the outside of the cupcake and working inwards.

  6. Top with little red balls of ready-to-roll icing.



Circular red nose biscuits


A batch of Glutafin Gluten Free Lemon Shortbread

100g Red fondant icing


These are a simple yet effective way to celebrate Red Nose Day, all you need is a batch of our delicious Gluten Free Lemon Shortbread and some red fondant icing to create a tasty red nose.




  1. Make a batch of Glutafin Gluten Free Lemon Shortbread, except roll the dough out and use a cookie cutter to create a circle to a size that you desire. Place them in the fridge for 30 minutes before baking as this will help prevent them from spreading in the oven.

  2. Once out the oven, allow to cool.

  3. Whilst these are cooling, roll out the red icing and use the same cookie cutter to create a red circle. Place these on the shortbread and voila, you have the perfect red nose cookie.


We hope you enjoy some of these Red Nose Bakes and they've inspired you in the kitchen. Please do let us know how you get on as we'd love to see all of your creations!


The Glutafin Team.



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