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Date: Tuesday 10th January 2017


Fibre is an important part of a healthy, balanced diet as it supports gut health and improves digestion.

The term ‘fibre’ describes plant material that humans are not able to absorb or digest. There are two kinds of dietary fibre, soluble and insoluble. Both are important for maintaining health and they are often found in combination within the same foods. Fibre is often found in staple gluten containing foods such as oats, wheat, rye and barley. This means a gluten free diet can often be low in fibre.

Although the recommended intake varies between children and adults, people aged 16 and above should aim to have 30g of fibre per day. Glutafin have a number of high fibre products to help increase your intake, when eaten in combination with other sources of dietary fibre (including nuts, seeds, fruit, legumes and root vegetables) you should have no problem reaching your recommended daily intake.

We’ve put together a daily meal plan to show you just how to reach your 30g per day.




30g Fibre Flakes, 125ml s/s milk & 1 medium banana.

Fibre flakes are a delicious way to start your day! The crunchy breakfast cereal has 1.8g of fibre per serving and with 3.1g of fibre from the banana, creates a total of 4.9g.



1 Pack of Glutafin Gluten Free Crackers (35g serving pack) topped with 2tbsp hummus and 1 medium apple.

Not only is this a tasty mid-morning snack to keep you going, it also contains 7.25g of fibre.



2 slices of Glutafin Gluten Free High Fibre Loaf with 200g baked beans.

Our high fibre loaf is made with a variety of gluten free wholegrains, including Sorghum and Quinoa Flour. Wholegrains contain the full grain and therefore a larger amount of fibre compared to refined white alternatives. The Glutafin High Fibre Loaf also includes sunflower seeds and linseeds, both excellent sources of fibre, creating a total of 12.6g of fibre per serving.



Glutafin Gluten Free Beef and Pepper Stir Fry

This delicious mix of pasta, beef and beans combined in a rich tomato base creates the perfect tea and is 5.2g of fibre per serving.

Here is the amount of fibre in our products compared to that of an equivalent gluten free prescription brand.

Fresh Bread

Product Glutafin (per 100g) Equivalent Brand (per 100g)
Fresh Brown     7.4   5
Fresh White     6.2   2.5
Fresh Seeded     7.6   N/A


Long Life Bread

Product Glutafin (per 100g) Equivalent Brand (per 100g)
Brown Loaf   7.4   7
White Loaf   6.2   6.5
Seeded Loaf   7.6   N/A
High Fibre   8.8   N/A
White Rolls   8.3   2.4
Fibre Rolls   8.9   5.9



Product  Glutafin (per 100g) Equivalent Brand (per 100g)
Penne Pasta   2.3   1 (Macaroni)
Spirals (Fusili)   2.3   1
Fibre Fusili   6.5   7 (Fibre Penne)
Spaghetti   2.3   1


Not only are these meals healthy, they also provide 30.6g of fibre. If you are hoping to increase your fibre intake (maybe even make it a resolution) make sure you introduce it gradually and drink plenty of water, especially if you don’t normally have a high fibre diet.

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