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Are you experiencing restrictions on your gluten free prescription?

Date: Friday 2nd October 2015

At Glutafin, we are aware that a number of Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) have recently taken the decision to review the amount and type of gluten-free foods available on prescription for coeliacs. In some cases, this allowance has been reduced or removed completely.

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We are aware of the importance of a gluten-free prescription in helping coeliacs manage their condition and are supportive of Coeliac UK’s work in highlighting this to CCGs. However, in some instances, restrictions have still been imposed.

We’ve put together the following advice to help you understand what action you can take and who to speak to if you are having difficulty obtaining your gluten-free prescription, or if your local CCG is looking to review gluten-free prescriptions.


Who do I contact if my CCG is considering restricting gluten free foods?

As Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) are responsible for providing and delivering improvements in health and well-being to the local population, all CCGs should undertake a public consultation before any prescription restrictions are approved and applied.

The consultation period is a vital time to make your individual voice heard as a person affected by any proposed changes. The advice here varies depending on how the CCG would like to receive feedback. Some CCG’s hold events for the public to attend, others have questionnaires on their website and some simply mention that they are consulting on the issue.  

If there is no obvious way to engage with the CCG, we recommend that you write them a letter.  Your letter will be used to provide evidence of the potential issues related to prescription restrictions. In addition, we also advise that you inform your local MP in writing.

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•    You can find your local CCG here

•    You can find your MP here 

If you’d like to write to your CCG or MP our free letter templates may be of help. You can access these in Your Prescription Toolkit, in Your Glutafin Club



Who do I contact if my CCG has already restricted gluten free foods?

If your CCG has already made changes to their policy and you are unhappy with these changes, we advise that you initially contact the CCG directly and if you are unhappy with the result contact Healthwatch*.

•    You can find your local CCG here

•    You can find your local Healthwatch details here

If you’d like to write to your CCG or your local Healthwatch our free letter templates may be of help. You can access these in Your Prescription Toolkit, in Your Glutafin Club

*Alternatively contact your Patient and Client Council, if you live in Northern Ireland.


What is Coeliac UK's position?

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Coeliac UK, the leading charity for people with coeliac disease, has launched a campaign to protect prescription services in England; read more here.

Any updates on this campaign will be covered in your eXG newsletter and Crossed Grain magazine. Coeliac UK are also on facebook and twitter, where you can follow their ongoing activities.


And finally…
What are Glutafin doing to help coeliacs at this time of prescription restrictions?

LogoAs a dedicated manufacturer of specialist gluten-free products and supporter of the coeliac community for over 30 years, Glutafin is extremely concerned about the restriction of essential gluten-free staple products on prescription. 

As part of the British Specialist Nutrition Association (BSNA), we are currently investing a great deal of time and resource in trying to prevent and reverse the restriction of gluten-free food on prescription through lobbying of local and national government and key decision makers at CCG level.

Closer to home

Our local brand ambassadors are actively supporting all Coeliac groups to help amplify their members voices and maintain and improve their way of life. If you would like us to attend your next meeting or event please contact us here

Finally, our UK based careline are here to help you with any questions you may have on any gluten free issue, you can contact them here.

Kind regards

The Glutafin Team

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