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How to stay gluten free when you're out and about this bonfire night!

Date: Monday 3rd November 2014

Everyone loves getting wrapped up and heading out with their loved ones to a roaring bonfire, or spectacular fireworks display!


And when else can you best enjoy the sweet, comforting taste of Glutafin gluten free parkin cake? But when you're celebrating away from home, and trying to avoid any gluten it can be hard knowing what's safe to eat.


So here's our 7 tips for enjoying a coeliac friendly bonfire night!


1 Call ahead if possible

Whilst most large-scale bonfire nights should clearly state the gluten free options available, private parties and their hosts may be less knowledgeable of coeliac requirements.

It may sound obvious but most smaller party hosts will want their guests to have a great time and would rather be told in advance of dietary requirements so they can make arrangements (even if it's just cooking the gluten free food first - see point 4!)


2 Suggest an easy-to-make gluten free option

Jacket potatoes, curry with corn flower instead of wheat flour, and chilli con carnie are all bonfire stables and can all be prepared gluten free. Perhaps consider offering to arrive early, and helping to prepare the dishes to help out?



3 Request your food is cooked first or separately

This is a smart option when you're at a smaller party, especially when food may be barbecued, and coming into contact with gluten from breadcrumbs or flour. 


4 Offer to take a tasty gluten free dish

Glutafin's Lasagne recipe, or Glutafin's Chorizo pasta are so delicious many can't taste the difference. Offering to take a coeliac option could take any pressure off the host and let people see that eating gluten free is tastier than they think!


5 Watch out for cross contamination

Cutlery, chopping boards or even hands can carry gluten: be careful to use clean cutlery to minimise any risk of cross contamination. 


6 Eat before the party

If you're visiting a new place and not sure what to expect, having a late lunch or a snack before you leave could mean you won't be too hungry later -just incase no gluten free options are available.


7 Stay connected

When it comes to options like chocolate and sweets it can be hard to know what's gluten free and what's not. Coeliac UK have recently launched an app alongside their food and drink directory, which helps you to check what's gluten free when you're out and about.


Let us know if you have a helpful tip which we didn't include at @glutafin or facebook or by emailing us at





Best wishes,

The Glutafin Team

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