Hey students! Here’s 6 tips for staying gluten free at university

10 September 2014

Hey students! Here's 6 tips for staying gluten free at university

Can you believe it? It’s already September, which means thousands of students across the UK will be heading-off to university. It can be tough living the university lifestyle when you have to stick to a gluten free diet, so we’ve put together some top tips for student coeliacs:

1. Check out the student section of the Glutafin website!

There’s lots of great information for you to read and download, from a gluten free foods checklist, shopping advice and tips on eating out.

If you have any questions our team is here to help! Just email us at glutenfree@glutafin.co.uk,  message us on Facebook, Tweet us or call to speak to a member of our Customer Services team on 0800 988 2470. We’re happy to help get you started on the road to staying healthy, happy and gluten free this year at university.

2. Register with a local doctor

Your local Doctor or General Practitioner (GP) is your first port of call if you develop a health problem that needs medical attention. You don’t want to be traipsing all the way home just to see your doctor or to pick up your gluten free prescription!

Find out more information on our website or go direct to the NHS GP Finder. Don’t forget to check whether you’re entitled to free gluten free foods on prescription.

3. Stay on plan!

It might sound obvious, but sticking to a gluten free diet is essential for those diagnosed with coeliac disease. Not following your diet can have serious health consequences, such as infertility and gastrointestinal cancer. You can find out more information here.

4. Visit the student recipe section of our website

Finding ways to cook nutritious meals on a shoestring budget is tough, but there’s no reason why being diagnosed with coeliac disease should make it even tougher! Our website has more than 500 recipes, with many of them perfect for students.

For those of you with a real passion for cooking-up a storm in the kitchen, you can also download our latest recipe book here.

5. Don’t forget about cross-contamination

Cross-contamination in the kitchen can be a serious issue for coeliacs, particularly if you’re sharing a food preparation space with people who don’t understand your condition. But do not fear! There’s plenty you can do to make sure this isn’t a problem.

Firstly, try talking to your housemates about coeliac disease and how cross-contamination can damage your health. You’ll find that most people are very understanding and really don’t mind wiping-down a work top or not using your butter if they know about your condition.

You can also try the following:

  1. Use a separate toaster
  2. Use separate cooking utensils
  3. Use foil when cooking on a baking tray
  4. Keep everything separate – your allocated cupboard is always a great place

For more tips on avoiding cross-contamination whilst at university, visit this page of our website.

6. Download the new Gluten Free Roads app!

Whether you’re looking for a local restaurant serving-up gluten free pizza or for the best place to eat when travelling away on a course trip, Gluten Free Roads is here to help. You can browse on your desktop, tablet or mobile device – just enter a location, select your preferences and click search.

Do you have any more top tips for students who want to stay gluten free at university? Message us on Facebook or Tweet us with your suggestions.

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