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Glutafin Gluten Free Blog

New for 2015

Glutafin constantly updates you with latest news and new product launches, whilst our gluten free blogger Jen is constantly reviewing gluten free restaurants, food, and finding out essential things like what chocolate is suitable for coeliacs! 

2nd February 2012

Glutafin Fresh Bread

In 2010 we made some big changes to our Select Fresh Loaves. Bigger, softer and tastier than before, they’re also ready to eat straight from the bag – no need to refresh! Not only that, ... Read More
1st February 2012 - by Glutafin

Do you use Glutafin cake mix?

You may have seen a note on the Glutafin Cake mix box informing you that the Cake mix is to be discontinued. Don't worry about it! We have a fantastic alternative product that coeliacs have been ... Read More

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