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4. How do I set up a prescription?

The process for setting up a gluten free prescription varies depending on where in the United Kingdom you live, so it is important to check with your GP to see who will be responsible for this. In some areas of the country your prescription will be set up and managed by your GP, and in others your pharmacist will be responsible for the management of your prescription.


How often should I get a prescription?

Most people get repeat prescriptions every month, but you can do what’s easiest for you.  Talk about your needs with your GP and if you need to change the frequency, don’t be afraid to ask.


How do repeat prescriptions work?

Repeat prescriptions let you re-order the same items without seeing the GP.  Some surgeries need 48 hours to issue a repeat prescription, so you should check your surgery’s procedures.  

If you would like help understanding what products are available within your gluten free prescription allowance please join or login to Your Glutafin Club and use our free Prescription Builder Tool. This will calculate the number of products and quantities you will be able to order, and can be given straight to your GP or pharmacist.


How long does it take to receive my gluten free foods prescription?

Once you have completed your prescription with your GP or pharmacist it will normally take around 48 hours from when your pharmacist receives it, to the order being ready for collection. Please note that some items, like fresh bread, will only be delivered on certain days (Wednesdays and Fridays in England.) See our dedicated page on fresh bread ordering here.

Some pharmacies also offer additional services such as free home delivery which may make managing your prescription easier. Your pharmacist should also be able to accommodate changes to your prescription should you need to. 

You can find your nearest pharmacy here 

If you are experiencing problems receiving your Glutafin products on prescription please contact us here

Read about how you can change your gluten free foods prescription here

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