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1. What gluten free foods are available on prescription?

In order to help you to manage your condition, a number of gluten free staple foods are available on prescription*. 

Glutafin products are only available to order on prescription and a number of our bread and mixes have been fortified with extra nutrients which coeliacs need in order to help maintain a nutritionally balanced diet. 

Our product range includes:

  • A wide variety of white, fibre and seeded sliced loaves, rolls and baguettes
  • A number of flour mixes suitable for making cakes, pastries, breads, batters, sauces and lots more!
  • Pizza bases to top with your favourite toppings
  • A wide range of pasta shapes and classic spaghetti 
  • Crackers, crisp breads and savoury biscuits
  • Cereals to enjoy for breakfast  

To top up your prescription why not try our sister brand Schär, Europe's favourite in gluten-free, you can find their delicious biscuits, snacks, bread and frozen products in all major supermarkets. Visit their website here.

Read about how much gluten free food you are entitled to on your prescription here

*Availability varies depending on the local CCG prescribing policy in your area,if you're experiencing restrictions on your gluten free prescription read our blog here.

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