110g butter (soft)
1 medium beaten egg
1 tbsp cold water
beaten egg for brushing


1 medium potato, peeled and cut into  ½ cm cubes
1 medium carrot, washed and cut into ½ cm cubes or
1 onion peeled finely chopped
small wedge of swede, peeled and cut into ½ cubes
250g lean braising steak, cut into ½ cm cubes
salt and pepper to season 


A beaten egg for brushing
A little extra mix for rolling out pastry


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Pastry method:

1. Place half the measured mix in a medium size mixing bowl with the other pastry ingredients. 

2. Mix to a smooth paste using a fork. Add remaining weighed mix and work together first using a fork and then by hand to bring together into a ball. 

3. Knead on a work surface lightly dusted with a little more Glutafin Gluten Free Multipurpose White Mix until completely smooth. Chill the pastry for 20 minutes. Knead again before rolling. Divide pastry into 6 equal pieces.


Filling method:

1. Preheat the oven 180ËšC/160ËšCFan/GasMark4.

2. Dust the surface with mix and roll each piece into a circle approximately 14/15cm.

3. Divide the ingredients into 6, arrange the potato and swede along the centre of a pastry circle, season and top with the steak and carrot and onion, season again.

4. Lightly brush the outside edge of the pastry with egg then carefully bring up the edges to the centre to cover the filling.

5. Pinch or crimp between the forefinger and thumb of one hand and forefinger of the other to create a sealed crest over the top of the pastry. Repeat with the other pastry circles, place on a baking sheet.

6. Brush the pasties with beaten egg and cook for 1 hour reducing the heat to 160ËšC/140ËšC Fan /Gas Mark 3 after 40 minutes.

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