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The Perfect Gluten Free Afternoon Tea

Date: Thursday 13th April 2017

It’s no news to people that we love a good cuppa. However, pair that with a delicious gluten free afternoon tea and you have something exceptional. We’ve put together some of our favourite items to inspire you to make National Tea Day even greater.



We wanted to make some bright, summery sandwiches to get everyone in the summer spirit, as it is only around the corner.

1. Pea and Feta on Glutafin Gluten Free High Fibre Loaf

Mix 50g Feta, 20g frozen peas, 1 tsp mayonnaise and 2 tbsp low fat cream cheese together before spreading on your favourite Glutafin bread.

2. Smoked salmon, horseradish and pickled onion on Glutafin Gluten Free High Fibre Loaf

Fill your favourite Glutafin bread with a layer of horseradish sauce, fresh smoked salmon and some delicious pickled onions.



Glutafin Mini Crackers with Hummus

These Glutafin Mini Crackers are a quick and tasty snack which would add a savoury element to your afternoon tea. Top them with your favourite flavour of hummus for extra pow (although they do taste good on their own).



Gluten Free Sausage rolls

It goes without saying, our sage and onion sausage roll are the perfect addition to any afternoon tea and can be served either warm or cold.




What is an afternoon tea without a delicious homemade scone, complete with jam and clotted cream? This tasty British treat is an obvious contender for the afternoon tea list.




Mini mango and passionfruit tarts

These homemade fruity tarts are a delicate mouthful of buttery pastry with refreshing fruit and crème patisserie, summer in a little pastry cup!



Chocolate Brownie

It only seems right to add a little bit of chocolate into the mix, because chocolate makes everything better. These homemade chocolate brownies would be perfect cut into mini bitesized pieces to add a little chocolate kick to your afternoon tea.



Viennese Whirls

A deliciously light, melt in the mouth homemade gluten free biscuit which is guaranteed to go down a treat. However, if you’re a little busy you can always buy the Schar Viennese Biscuit and sandwich them together with jam and buttercream.


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