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The Best Gluten Free Breakfast

Date: Saturday 23rd January 2016

To some the idea of breakfast is fabulous; starting your day with great tasting food, relaxing and getting yourself ready for the day ahead. However we all know the reality is you’re most likely late, need to be out of the house in 10 and end up grabbing the first edible breakfast item in the kitchen, whatever that maybe! Why not try some of these great gluten free breakfast options instead, guaranteed to help you start the day in the best way possible. This blog post mentions just a few of our favourites.


Crumpets are a great breakfast recipe using Glutafin Gluten Free Select Bread Mix and can be baked in advance to save time. Taking just seven minutes to bake, Glutafin Gluten Free Select Crumpets makes enough for 8-10 servings meaning they’ll be able to last you the full week and more! All you have to do is prepare and bake the crumpets the night before and then toast lightly on both side as and when you need them. Simple, yet very effective!

Gluten Free cornflakes
For a slightly speedier breakfast choice why not try our Gluten Free Cornflakes? Low in fat and sugar and a good source of fibre these are a great gluten free cereal option.

Buttermilk pancakes
Pancakes can be a lovely family breakfast activity especially on a weekend. These American style pancakes only take 10 minutes to prep and 10 minutes to bake so can be made just as quick before work. Pair with your favourite toppings to make a delicious, filling sweet or savoury breakfast. 

High fibre crackers
For those who enjoy breakfast on the go, why not try Glutafin Gluten Free High Fibre Crackers? Rich in fibre, these crackers can be enjoyed on the journey into work or as a snack late morning.

A classic favourite! Try our deliciously buttery Gluten Free Select Croissants made with Glutafin Gluten Free Select Multipurpose White Mix. They have a lightly longer preparation time of four hours, but the results are definitely worth the wait.

Fibre Flakes

Why not choose this high fibre breakfast cereal to really kick start your day. The Fibre Flakes can be perfectly paired with fruit and yoghurt for a deliciously healthy breakfast.

What would be your go to gluten free breakfast? 

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Joyce Lambord


I enjoy cornflakes in the summer and porridge in the winter. IT is a pity that we cannot get ridge on prescription.

Dorothy Sharp


Have the fibre flakes with seeds and either dried apricot's and prunes or sugar free fruit compote. Can't think of a nicer way to start the day.

Mark Cullen


I love to try the cornflakes

Jodie Stevenson


As I've only recently been diagnosed my go to gluten free breakfast are the cornflakes. However I will definitely be giving the recipes above a try

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