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Summer Picnic Menu - Children's Edition

Date: Wednesday 17th August 2016

Summer in Britain isn’t always consistent to say the least... but when we do finally get some sunshine, we like to make the most of it! A good, traditional summer’s picnic is always a great option for family and friends to get together and enjoy tasty food. It can be quite tricky to cater gluten free picnic food, especially for the younger ones. So we've put together a quick informative ‘Summer Picnic Menu – Children’s Edition.’

Let us know what you think of our menu or make suggestions for what you’d take to a children’s picnic in the comment section of this blog.



  • Finger sandwiches are great for a gluten free picnic. They’re quick, fuss free and can be prepared the night before to save time! Whether your child enjoys ham, cheese, chicken or tuna or something a little more out there like Nutella and banana, sandwiches are a good way to get some substance within a picnic. Make using Glutafin Gluten Select Free White or Select Fibre Loaf or Glutafin Gluten Free Select Seeded for extra taste.

Glutafin Wraps

  • As a nice twist to your standard sandwiches; try gluten free wraps. Similar to picnic sandwiches, gluten free wraps can be just as quick and easy to prepare. Choose fillings like chicken, cheese, hummus or banana and jam. We have a great Gluten Free Select Fibre Wrap recipe on our website. 



  • Gingerbread men can make for a great dessert as they can be made the night before and kept fresh for the day of the picnic. Why not get some of the children to decorate their biscuits before they head out? This would make for a fun, interactive activity for the children to complete together before enjoying the outdoors. Check out Glutafin Gluten Free Gingerbread Men recipe over on our website.
  • Miniature foods are what picnics are all about. We have a delicious Gluten Free Select Mini Chocolate Cakes for an extra special dessert.
  • Try a healthier option of fruit and yogurt and  serve layered in pots to make a tasty, colourful dessert.

Download the Summer Picnic Menu here 


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