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Tips on how to cope when shopping gluten free!

Date: Wednesday 28th September 2011

Have you recently been diagnosed with coeliac disease?

Find out some tips on how to cope when shopping gluten free!

- Carefully read the ingredients list on the packaging: gluten can be contained in many products.

- A general rule: the fresher the food, the lesser the amount of gluten (and vice-versa): the more the product has been processed, the higher its gluten content will be. It is advisable to mostly eat fresh and non-processed foods, such as fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh meat, fish, potatoes, maize, rice or specialist gluten free products.

- Become familiar with different ethnic cuisines – some ethnic foods are naturally gluten free while others tend to uses sauces that may contain hidden sources of gluten! Read the Glutafin blog on eating gluten free takeaways which talks about hidden gluten ingredients in chinese and indian food!


- All packaged foods in the UK are covered by a law on allergen labelling, which means that you can tell from an ingredients list whether the product contains gluten. A lot of foods are labelled ‘wheat free’ and they are not always gluten free as well. Always check that it is labelled ‘gluten free’!

 - Even if the product in itself would be gluten free, it is necessary to be aware of possible contamination, especially in cereals, crisps, chocolate and oven baked products. To be safe, check on the safe product list of a coeliac association, such as Coeliac UK Food and Drink Directory.

- Products of the big food manufacturers very often have the same name and brand everywhere, but may have different ingredients in some cases. Be careful if you buy a known product when abroad. It is always good to read the product label again!

- The safest solution is to prefer those products produced and guaranteed especially for those who suffer from coeliac disease, such as the products made by Glutafin, or their Love Food partner DS-gluten free which can be found in supermarkets free from aisles.


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