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Date: Wednesday 17th April 2019

We’re sure you’re aware of the recent changes to prescriptions in England, but if you aren’t, we’ve put together a handy video which explains the changes in more detail. Click here to watch it!

Prescriptions in England will now only cover a core range of food, which includes bread, rolls, and flour mixes. If you need to update your prescription, think about making an appointment with your GP.

If you have enjoyed our range of pizza bases, biscuits and crackers….Don’t worry! The good news is, we have a sister brand Schar, who offer a wide range of gluten and wheat free products in supermarkets, which include lots of tasty treats!

Here are the closest alternatives in the range.


Swap This…..

For This!

Glutafin Pizza Base

Schar Bonta Italia Margherita Pizza

Glutafin Mini Cracker

Schar Salti

Glutafin Digestives

Schar Digestives

Glutafin Crispbread

Schar Crispbread

Glutafin Crackers

Schar Cream Crackers


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