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Be transported to an exotic destination with our coeliac friendly pizza toppings

Date: Friday 5th December 2014

If you’re enjoying the twists and turns of the Strictly Come Dancing contestants you’ll be tuned in this Saturday to see who succeeds in winning a place in this year’s semi-finals. And with so much heat on the screen it’s only natural to want to join in, with a delicious partner of your own…


So we’ve taken inspiration from 3 of the tantalising dances you’ll watch this weekend to create 3 exciting gluten-free pizza topping ideas, guaranteed to put a spring in your step!


Pixie and trentThe Cha Cha

to be performed by Pixie and Trent

Influenced by strong Latin flavours, this taste of Cuba will have you reaching for the Mojitos!

·         100g Sainsbury’s tomato and basil pizza sauce topper

·         100g cooked shredded steak

·         50g cooked black beans

·         1 medium tomato

·         Sprinkle of oregano

·         Black pepper


The Argentine Tango

to be performed by Caroline and Pasha.

Inspired by Mediterranean influences and BBQ flavours, this is a pizza for any passion lover.

·         100g Sainsbury’s tomato and basil pizza sauce topper

·         50g pre-packed BBQ beef

·         50g sliced chorizo

·         2 tbsp of drained, canned sweetcorn

·         1/2 small onion sliced



Frankie and KevinThe Salsa

to be performed by Frankie and Kevin

Taking Latin flavours from Puerto Rico cuisine, this pizza will have you dreaming of a relaxed holiday in the Caribbean.

·         100g Sainsbury’s tomato and basil pizza sauce topper

·         50g cooked garlic chicken pieces

·         50g red kidney beans cooked

·         50g cooked bacon



Let us know if you have any exotic gluten-free dishes you'd like to share with our coeliac readers at  facebook or  twitter


The Glutafin Team

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