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La Tasca have labelled their menu gluten free... so Jen went to check it out!

Date: Friday 3rd June 2011

Hello. Welcome to the 2nd Love Food club Blog.
My name is Jen and as someone who is gluten intolerant herself, I know eating out can be hard or makes you feel fussy. So when I spotted that La Tasca have now labelled their menu gluten free I was delighted and went to try it out last night.

The menu had clear gluten free labelling, whether you wanted to try a main paella dish or the tapas. I opted for trying the tapas.

There appeared to be less gluten free choice amongst the meat and seafood dishes, but don’t let this put you off. The staff were aware of what was gluten free and when I asked if the pollo marbella dish could be made gluten free the chef was happy to oblige.

The food was delicious and if you haven‘t tried the Spanish omelette then I heartily recommend it. Although this is a naturally gluten free dish, with potato as the main ingredient, the flavour was delicious! Overall, I was impressed with the food, the labelled GF menu (although they do state they cannot guarantee the dishes are free from contamination due to using a kitchen with gluten containing foods) and the chef’s help to make it a better experience for gluten free diners.

gluten free tapas picture from Glutafins blogger Jen gluten free tapas

Hopefully with more people going along, they’ll see the value of offering gluten free options and can be encouraged to expand their menu further, especially for the meat and seafood dishes!

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Catherine Pugh


I tried eating out at La Tasca last year when I was first diagnosed. Unfortunately it made me extremely ill - there is definitely cross-contamination going on in the Sheffield branch and I won't be returning there. I did tell them that I'm coeliac as well as lactose intolerant and the waitress was very helpful, but the problem must have been kitchen based. I'm glad that you had a good experience though!

test test


As La Tasca now label gluten free food on the menu, it becomes a big step in this restaurant understanding what gluten free means. They state they make every effort to minimise the risk but I also wanted to make you aware as they also cook with gluten free foods they do not fully 100% guarantee it


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