Elise’s diagnosis story

23 February 2021

Elise’s diagnosis story

Elise just put up with her symptoms for years, thinking it was the norm…

For years I thought I was suffering with extreme indigestion, at around 22 years old the bloating had just become the norm and the pain, well I suppose I didn’t take note anymore I thought it was normal … and let’s not discuss toilet habits, having a toilet map on my phone was part of life!

One day I was in so much pain at work after lunch that I took myself to hospital thinking I had appendicitis… I was told I had a tummy bug.. I went home but every time I ate or even drank I was doubled over in pain. A couple of months later my partner commented on how much I sleep, I was always tired and you could guarantee within half an hour of getting home after work I would fall asleep on the sofa.

Elise decided her symptoms could no longer be ignored…

Enough was enough so I went to the doctor who thankfully listened to my story, I showed him pictures of my stomach when bloated (I had loads as it actually became my party piece of how big my food baby would get, someone actually touched my stomach at work once and said congrats I didn’t know you were pregnant, I quickly responded with don’t worry it’s just lunch ha!), the Dr sent me for some blood tests which came back positive for celiac and subsequently sent me for a biopsy which showed the extent of the damage in my stomach.

I was put on a strict GF diet but the exhaustion was still there, we then found my B12 was low and I now needed 3 monthly injections.

Gluten free and feeling great!

I have now been gluten free for 6 years and I feel great, I’ve put on a lot of weight which isn’t ideal but I blame that on lockdown – we’re all in the same boat with that one!

What did you find most challenging about adjusting to a gluten free diet?

Trusting restaurants when it comes to cross contamination and also finding GF foods that don’t taste like chipboard!

What are your top 3 tips or recipes for someone who has just been diagnosed?

Be strong when asking a restaurant about cross contamination – you will be surprised how much even a tiny bit can affect your body!

Always have cornflour in the cupboard, it’s a life saver.

Don’t be tempted after having a tipple to be naughty and gluten yourself, it’s tempting but I promise you it’s not worth it (coming from experience – I was once found in the corner of a room at a party eating a whole tiger baguette!)

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