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Date: Friday 30th June 2017

Consultation on the future of gluten free foods on prescription now closed

As we’re sure many of you are aware, the Department of Health has been holding a consultation on the future of gluten free foods on prescription in England.  The consultation was open until the 22nd June and comprised of 3 options:

Option 1

Make no changes to the current system

Option 2

End gluten free prescriptions

Option 3

Only allow the prescribing of certain foods (e.g. bread and flour)

How did Glutafin respond?

Glutafin met with the Department of Health last week as part of our industry group, the British Specialist Nutrition Association (BSNA), and we were pleased to hear that they received an overwhelming response to the consultation.  We would like to thank every one of you who took the time to make your voice heard about this important issue.

We would also like to thank everyone who responded to our survey, hosted by the BSNA, which helped us put together a response highlighting the importance of prescriptions for patients diagnosed with coeliac disease.  At our meeting with the Department of Health, we talked about some of the key reasons why gluten free prescriptions should remain.  To read our full response, visit the BSNA website.

Other responses to the consultation

Coeliac UK

Coeliac UK put together a very comprehensive response to the consultation and also met with the Department of Health to put forward the voice of their members.  To read Coeliac UK’s response, visit their website.  

BDA/BSG and Pharmacy Responses

The British Dietetic Association, British Society of Gastroenterology and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society have also responded, strongly backing that gluten free prescriptions remain in order to ensure that patient care is not compromised.

What happens next?

The Department of Health will be putting together a full report on the response they have received so far, with a recommendation of the next steps.  We don’t expect to hear anything from them until the autumn. 

In the meantime, Coeliac UK are asking that if you feel you or a member of your family would be affected if gluten free products were removed from prescription, you write to your MP to explain why this is so important to you.  They have produced a template letter to help you with this.



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