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Our tips for a healthier 2014!

Date: Thursday 9th January 2014


Hi everyone,

2014 has come around quickly and here at Glutafin, our new years resolutions include avoiding those leftover treats! 


Our dietitians have put together their top 5 tips to sustain a healthy new year. We have also created a weekly meal planner to make things a little easier for you! 


1. Make time for breakfast every day to kick start your metabolism! Starchy foods such as bread and cereal are great for keeping us fuller for longer – this should prevent mid-morning snacking.  


2. Try a new recipe every week! Variation is the key to maintaining your healthy eating plan. Eating a variety of fresh foods will give you more energy and boost your mood. See hundreds of gluten free recipes on our website. 


3. Drink lots of water! Thirst can often be mistaken for hunger so staying hydrated should prevent a rumbling tummy. Let’s not forget that water helps to remove harmful toxins and waste products from our bodies. It is recommended that we drink 2 litres of water a day. 


4. A healthy diet should be a varied diet- including foods from each major food groups: fruit and vegetables, starchy carbohydrates, milk and dairy foods, protein foods (including meat, fish, eggs & beans/pulses) and fatty/sugary foods-in moderation of course! See our website for more information. 


5. An active lifestyle is also important for health, current recommendations are 30 minutes of moderate intense activity on at least 5 days of the week.

Meal planner
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Toasted gluten free bread with mono-unsaturated margarine and jam Scrambled eggs and toasted gluten free bread Gluten free breakfast cereal with semi-skimmed or skimmed milk Fresh fruit salad with low-fat yoghurt* and a slice of gluten free toast Breakfast bread
GF Baked beans on gluten free toast Baked potato with tuna and GF low-fat mayonnaise Ham and salad or tuna and  salad sandwich on gluten free bread Small portion of gluten free pasta with a tomato and mushroom sauce Gluten free crackers with reduced-fat cheese (e.g. Glutafin crackers or mini crackers)
Roasted aubergine and vegetable lasagne Chicken and watercress pasta stir fry Oven-baked salmon salad with jacket potato Provençale bean and pasta salad Oven roasted vegetable pizza
1 plain gluten free biscuit (e.g. Glutafin Tea Biscuit) 2 pieces of small fruit or 1 medium piece of fruit 2 rice cakes with reduced fat spread and honey 150g pot of low-fat yoghurt or GF rice pudding 2 gluten free crispbreads


As always, the team love to hear from you. If you are planning a healthier 2014 let us know what your top tips are!


Email - or call 0800 988 2470.


Best wishes,



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