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Ask our dietitians anything on living a gluten free lifestyle

Date: Thursday 21st June 2012

Did you know we have two in-house dietitians you can ask your questions to?

Introducing our Dedicated Dietitians

Our resident dietitians joined Glutafin from the NHS. They specialise in coeliac disease and everything gluten free. In other words, they are a font of knowledge who keep us (and in turn, you) up-to-date with any changes to gluten free or general food regulations and developments, as well as any nutritional issues we all need to know about. 


Got a question about your gluten free diet? Email our dietitians at or sign up to our gluten free e-newsletters. We will keep you informed about any new gluten free recipes we add, any new gluten free diabetic recipes, new Love Food club updates, latest coeliac news with lots of fun and competitions!

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Glutafin Customer


I was informed that with having Coeliac Disease that I need to be taking in 1200mg of Calcium per day for my body to absorb. How much of the following foods would I have to be eating? I am on the Slimming World diet also to try and get my weight down a bit and of course this means food restrictions.
I eat on a daily basis about 250ml semi skimmed milk, 40g low fat cheese, 1-2 Muller light yoghurts. What other foods contain calcium? I am trying to avoid bread at the moment, but I know that it contains it.
Your help would be appreciated.
Many thanks

Glutafin Customer


Being Coeliac, How do I know if its OK to eat porridge oats?
As no stomach pain; does not mean that it is not harmful
Best Regards

Herbs - Glutafin
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