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New gluten free labelling laws!

Date: Monday 3rd October 2011

New labelling laws will be a great help for coeliacs! 

gluten free labellingFrom January 2012 new EC legislation on gluten free labelling will come into force, and will apply to all food packaging and even restaurant and cafe menus. 

Therefore from January 2012 you may be seeing these new terms on your food purchases:

  • gluten free 
  • very low gluten
  • suitable for coeliacs
  • suitable for most coeliacs

Manufacturers can only use these claims when the following applies:

1. Gluten free - only applies to food which has 20 parts per million (ppm) or less of gluten

2. Very low gluten – only applies for foods which have between 21 and 100 ppm

3. No gluten-containing ingredients - this term is not covered by law but is an important option to give you more choice. It applies to foods that are made with ingredients that don’t contain gluten and where good cross contamination controls are in place.   
“Parts per million” – usually abbreviated as “ppm” – means “out of a million.” "Parts per Million" is a way to quantify very low concentrations of substances.

Watch out!

Someone with coeliac disease should not eat a lot of these very low gluten foods on a daily basis as they may make you unwell. This is because it may contain some ingredients that are too sensitive for you. Foods like this will contain a small amount of gluten e.g. codex wheat starch is one ingredient. This ingredient is safe for coeliacs but may affect those very very sensitive to gluten. 

Great news!

‘Suitable for coeliacs’ is another claim you will start on packaging of foods 20ppm or less of gluten and ‘Suitable for most coeliacs’ on 21-100ppm foods.

The claims will be placed on foods that are also naturally gluten free foods, specialist substitute products which may contain Codex wheat starch (these are products mainly on prescription) and pure, uncontaminated oats.

The Food Standards Agency has produced guidance for caterers and manufacturers to help with adjustment to the law. So hopefully eating out will become a lot easier for you! 

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matthew parsons


I too have been frustrated with this mainly with snack foods for my coeliac son. I"m sure wotsits used to be listed as suitable for coeliac and walkers crisps too but now it is all very vague. Decision we avoid to be on safe side or continue eating them as this is just due to labelling regs and walkers covering themselves. :O( :O( my son is a fussy eater and eats limited amount of foods without more options being taken away from him.. not that he lots of crisps but it is one of the few things that are widely available if you are out and havent taken the usual pack up with you and hunger strikes... :O(

Glutafin Customer


Yet more confusion. Just when I was getting to grips with the labelling on products. There are lots of things that I should be able to eat but can't. I think for me the only way forward is to look for ""gluten free". That way I can be sure of what I am consuming.

Glutafin Customer


check out belle italia restaurants - separate gluten free menu on request - amazing

Glutafin Customer


It did me good to read how many people were finding it difficult to find a reasonable gluten-free diet. Even if it means that manufacturers will err on the side of safety, it should also mean that we should have fewer times of feeling nauseous. I would like to see the print on labels listing ingredients a bit bigger but mainly in contrasting colours to the background so we could perhaps find out for ourselves over time which affect us the most. The updating of the essentially needed directory is more complicated than I imagined. The Land&Sea Fish &Chip Shop in Polmont near Falkirk in Scotland does a superb fish supper at lunchtime on the 1st Sat. of the month.

Glutafin Customer


Last night, we went to a "Table Table" restaurant, on the outskirts of Bradford, On enquiring about gluten free menu, the waitress brought a typed book, which listed every meal, broken down into each item and then gave you information about GF, veggie, dairy e.t.c., so that you could really see about everything and they were prepared to remove one thing and substitute with another, before the meal was plated. I had a really enjoyable meal and no after effects. The only thing lacking , was a lovely sweet,as it was back to the usual fruit salad.

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