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New and Improved Crackers

Date: Monday 19th October 2015


If you like our Glutafin Gluten Free  Crackers, we’ve some news that we think you’ll love! We have now launched a new and improved recipe.

The new recipe gives our crackers a  better taste and texture – giving you a lovely crisp and a cracking crunch!

We think our crackers are the perfect light option that will go with  any accompaniment– whether its cheese, jam, soup or even banana and hummus!

The crackers make the perfect snack; they’re not too filling due to their light and crispy texture, but crisp and crunchy enough to provide a proper ‘bite’ with your favourite topping.

Not only are they super tasty, they also make the perfect go to gluten free option for snacking when on the move.  Within each pack of crackers you will receive six portion packs – perfect for travelling!

If you fancy trying the new recipe Glutafin Gluten Free Crackers, you can order via your GP today;
Pack Size: 200g
PIP Code: 009-3302

Unit value: 1

We love receiving your pictures; tweet us a picture @Glutafin of how you like to enjoy your crackers.

Kind Regards

The Glutafin Team. 

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Ken Eaglesham


Couldn't agree more than what Helen said.

What an improvement in taste, size (thickness) & texture.

My pack did arrive some what broken; But I am willing to forgive that, due to the sheer quality of this product.

Helen Moxey


These are great crackers - the best I've tried yet. They are just like "normal" ones and come in small packets inside the bigger packet so that freshness can be retained. These smaller packets allow you to take them on picnics or for lunch at work. Many Thanks Glutafin

kathleen herbert


love these crackers, you could give these to non coeliacs and they wouldn't know they were gluten free.

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