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National Dietitian Week - Interview with Glutafin Dietitian Katie

Date: Thursday 5th June 2014


Tell us about yourself, your background and how you became a dietitian & why you wanted to become a Dietitian. 

I qualified as a Dietitian 11 years ago after completing an Undergraduate Masters degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Nottingham. I had an interest in science from an early age and knew I wanted to have a career that involved helping and educating others, this coupled with a great love of food meant that dietetics was the obvious choice for a degree subject! 


What do you enjoy most about your job?

My job at Glutafin is incredibly varied and provides the opportunity to influence the health of others from an entirely different angle than traditional hospital-based dietetics. As for any healthcare professional, satisfaction comes from knowing you have helped someone to feel better - so being able to help patients who call our careline for nutritional advice always feels great. I really enjoy the interaction with other healthcare professionals too, having the opportunity to write for medical press is fantastic, especially when you see your work published and others tell you they have enjoyed reading what you produced. 


What is your favourite gluten free recipe from the Glutafin website?

It’s got to be the Chocolate Tart, it tastes amazing and as all my work colleagues would tell you – I love chocolate!


What is your favourite product from the Glutafin range?  

The new fibre pasta, in my opinion the best gluten free pasta product available on prescription. It holds it’s shape, tastes great and is high in fibre so very healthy too!


What are your top tips for people following a balanced gluten free diet?

  • Join your local Coeliac UK group for help and support
  • Read food labels carefully and take cross-contamination risks seriously
  • Include plenty of calcium-rich foods to maintain good bone health
  • Spend time researching and trying new gluten free recipes to keep your diet varied and interesting, there’s very little that you can’t make with a good multipurpose gluten free flour mix like Glutafin’s! 




As always, we love to hear from you - if you have anything you'd like to ask our dietitian Katie, please email or call 0800 988 2470. 


Best wishes,


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