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Join us in baking gluten free cupcakes

Date: Monday 17th September 2012

This Week is National Cupcake Week. Every day this week Glutafin will add a new cupcake recipe for you to try. So get your Glutafin flour mix ready, and go buy those cupcake cases after lunch, to truly enjoy this week of eating treats! 


Monday 17th September: Today recipe is our gluten free mini chocolate fairy cakes. A wonderful twist on a traditional Victoria sponge cake. But this time make it small, make them chocolatey and top them with chocolate buttercream icing! Simply delicious! 

gluten free cupcakes

Tuesday 18th September: Pretty as a picture, these cute cupcakes are sure to impress! Make delicious gluten free white chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, or have a go at dark chocolate or mocha variations.






Wednesday 19th September: Gluten Free Diabetic Friendly Chocolate Fairy Cakes. Just as tasty as our other chocolate cakes but made with splenda and extra light soft cheese. 





gluten free chocolate cakes


Thursday 20th September: Gluten Free Chocolate and Blueberry Muffins Recipe: Being gluten free there was a bit of a food science challenge to make sure that all the blueberries did not sink to the bottom of the muffins. It is therefore quite important to weigh ingredients accurately as this recipe was developed after many interesting attempts! Many recipes use dried blueberries but this uses fresh ones which give a delicious moist fruity flavour. They are also very good for you!! It is also best to use quite a high percentage cocoa solids dark chocolate for the best chocolate flavour. Look out for brands with 70% or more for ultimate results. Good luck and enjoy the delicious tastes!


gluten free chocolate muffin



Friday 21st September: Mini Lemon Sponge Cakes. These gluten free cupcakes are a great twist on the classic Victoria Sponge cakes. They are delicious for snacks with your cup of tea and as they are small you don't have to feel too bad! Also great for any upcoming parties! 


gluten free cupcakes


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